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Academic Program

Our students in 7th and 8th grade learn using a combination of curriculum from Bob Jones University, including Bible, English, math or pre-algebra, life and earth sciences, world studies, American Republic, STEM, and Reading Logic.

In addition to core curriculum, they participate in weekly chapel, field trips throughout the year, and they also have the chance to participate in our athletics program through a variety of sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, softball, track and field, and volleyball.

Daily Schedule

7:30 AMCampus Opens / Drop-Off Begins
7:56 AMWarning Bell
8:00 AMSchool Begins
3:10 PMDismissal Begins
3:30 PMDismissal Ends (remaining students will be taken to After Care)

During arrival, students should enter the secondary building and make necessary trips to lockers and restrooms before their 1st Period Class begins at 8 AM.

A normal school day for our junior high students is arranged in six 50-minute class periods with three minutes to move in between classes from one room to another. Also offered is an approximate 30-minute period at the end of each day for tutoring, study hall, or athletics as assigned. 

In addition to a daily lunch period, students also have a 12-minute mid-morning break where they may bring a nut-free snack or drink from home or purchase snack items in the cafeteria during that time.

During dismissal, students should be picked up at the gym.

For security measures, all adults entering the building at any time for any reason must sign in at the front office. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, you may send a text, e-mail, send a written note in your child’s backpack, or schedule a conference.

Report Cards & Annual Assessment

Report Cards

Report cards are issued on the Wednesday immediately following the end of a nine-week period. Final report cards will be mailed to parents who send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 

Students earning all As (90-100) for a nine-week grading period will be on the A Honor Roll. Students earning all As and Bs (80-100) will be on the A/B Honor Roll.

Annual AssessmentS

Each grade level at CCA is annually assessed using respected assessment tools to quantify each student’s understanding of material and readiness for their next level of academic progress. 

7th Grade

These students are assessed using the MAP Growth Assessment. Testing is done at the end of each semester. These assessments are nationally-normed, computer-based, and adaptive tests that measure what a student has learned and what he or she is ready to learn. 

Learn More Here

8th Grade

The Pre-ACT 8/9 assessments give our 8th Grade students an early experience with ACT test items, provide them with a predicted ACT test score, and offer a wealth of information to help students get the start they need to be college ready. 

Anchored on the ACT college and career readiness standards, Pre-ACT assessments help educators, students, and parents identify areas of academic strength and opportunity. Students may opt to have their information shared with colleges and scholarship agencies when they take Pre-ACT 8/9 or Pre-ACT Secure, providing greater opportunities for recruitment and scholarship work.

Grading System

There are four 9-week grading periods. When determining grades, teachers will use a formula approved by the administration and described on the class syllabus.

Grading Scale
  • A = 90-100
  • B = 80-89
  • C = 70-79
  • F = Below 70 
Semester Grades
  • 1st Nine-Week Grade – 40%
  • 2nd Nine-Week Grade – 40%
  • Semester Exam – 20%
Final Grade
  • 1st Semester Grade – 50%
  • 2nd Semester Grade – 50%


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