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    Columbus Christian Academy assesses the academic progression and performance of students using third-party assessments on an annual basis.  Assessments such as the Stanford Achievement, ACT Aspire, the PSAT, the Pre-ACT and the ACT College Readiness test provides teachers, administrators, and families a view into students’ understanding and grasp of information taught through each school year.

    ACT Aspire – 3rd – 8th grade

    The ACT Aspire is a national test, a criterion referenced test, which means that rather than measure a child’s results against another child’s results, … the resulting “scale score” is a measure of how well the child has learned the standards and skills each school year.

      • With the Aspire, learning gaps can be identified early and addressed in order to best serve the CCA students.

    Stanford Achievement Tests (SAT10) – Kingergarten – 2nd Grade

      • Stanford Achievement 10 (SAT10) is a norm-based assessment of the kindergarten through second grade students. Norm based testing compares the number of correct answers given by a student to the percent of other students’ correct answers and a high and low percentile is given on the score sheets
      • Link address to more info Stanford Achievement Test Info