Military Families

Columbus is home to one of our nation’s elite air force pilot training facilities. The 14th flying training wing at Columbus Air Force Base produces some of the best pilots in the world. To accomplish their mission, U.S. Air Force personnel and their families move into the Columbus area on a regular basis. At Columbus Christian Academy, our goal is to make our military families feel at home for however long we get to know them and to assist with the transition to life in Columbus as best we can. The military family’s service to our country is important to us, so we asked one “Air Force Mom” to share some tips on moving into our area.


From one “Air Force Mom:”


One of our CCA pilot dads took this as he flew over one afternoon. A great way to look in on the kids. CCA is only 11 miles from Columbus Air Force Base

As a military family moving to Columbus, there are several things to consider.  Will you live on base?  How far will you have to drive to get to school?  Will you buy a home?  If so, what neighborhoods are better for re-sale?  But, first and foremost, as a family with school age kids, the concern would be the schools available to us.

The school liaison office on CAFB will help you with the ins and outs of the public schools:  city versus county.  However, there are several private school options available to you.

School & the Military Family
Getting information about schools will mostly be left up to the individual families.  The best advice on how to get this information is to seek out military families that attend each of the private schools.  Get the ins and outs of where the school stands academically and how they treat the military child and family.  A military child will move often and attend several schools during the grade school years.  It is important to really find out how the teachers and other students treat the military child.  You may find schools aren’t too eager to welcome them as they know their stay will be short.  You may find schools that love and welcome them in immediately.

Our family’s experience at Columbus Christian Academy

“At CCA, the children, the teachers and the families welcome military children and families with open arms.  They understand that their stay may be short.  They understand that their contribution to the school and the school family may not be long lasting.  However, the children, families, and teachers at CCA eagerly welcome and are thankful for the contribution from military children and families.  They don’t not include them because they are looking for long-term contribution and for continuity.  They welcome what the military families have immediately.  They encourage the military families to get involved.  Military families are encouraged to be room moms, encouraged to serve in the PTO, to include the board, they are encouraged to help in coaching capacities and they are encouraged to volunteer and sub.  If you are looking for a school home, not just a school, where your military child is welcomed and treated as one of their own instead of a nomad, CCA is the home for you.”

Off-Base Housing Links:
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Steps to CCA admission:

  1. New Student Application 
  2. Campus Visit/Tour
  3. Parent & Student Interview with CCA Administration
  4. Registration & Fees

Call our office and let us help at any point in your transition to Columbus and Columbus Air Force Base.

Our office number is 662.328.7888
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