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    Printable Google Classroom Instructions

    Uploading "Paper Work" using smartphone app

    Scroll through the images below and follow these easy steps to upload “paper” to Google Classroom.

    Many of our elementary students use paper worksheets. Follow these simple instructions and scroll through the images to upload student worksheets once they are complete.

    1. Download & Choose the Google Classroom app (sign in)
    2. Choose the assignment you want to submit
    3. Choose “Your Work” at the bottom of screen
    4. Choose “Add Attachement”
    5. Use Camera
    6. Take your Picture, and choose “Use Photo”
    7. Once your picture uploads, choose Turn in

    Video Conference - Zoom Meetings

    Downloading the Zoom App before the meeting time helps to be ready to join.

    Elementary Students – See your Zoom Video Conference times in your Google Classroom. Click on the link provided when time to join.

    Secondary Students – Your teachers’ video conferences will be at your regular schedule time of the day.

    Period Time
    1st 8:00
    2nd 9:14
    3rd 10:10
    4th 11:03
    Bible 11:53
    5th  12:48
    6th 1:41
    7th No Meetings for 7th Period


    Your Teacher – Contact info in your Google Classroom

    Robin Cochran (elementary):
    email: rcochran@columbuschristian.com
    text: 256-698-8279

    Rachel Thomas (secondary)
    email: counselor@columbuschristian.com
    text: 662-435-4269

    Parent's Guide to Google Classroom Slides