Children’s Promise Act

Tax deductions are good, but tax CREDITS are GREAT!

What is the Children's Promise Act?

The Children’s Promise Act allows Mississippi business owners a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for donations to a qualified charity—which means you can give to Columbus Christian Academy!
Find more about the Act here.

The whole process took less than 10 minutes. I was able to send
my tax money directly to the school I love and support.”
Previous Donor

How can my business support Christian education?

Download the MSDOR application, fill it out, and submit to Rachel Thomas at before January 1.

After receiving confirmation of acceptance,
give your approved donation amount to Columbus Christian Academy.

Send your gift receipt from CCA to the Mississippi Department of Revenue
along with your Mississippi Tax Return.

Why should I support Christian education?

As Christian business leaders, you know the importance of equipping the next generation to be excellent in their chosen profession and strong in their faith.

Christian education is unique in its mission to partner with Christian families for an education that equips students for the world, while also training students to know and defend the truth of Scripture.

The next generation of employees, business owners, and community leaders will face great challenges. You can join Christian educators in equipping students with knowledge and wisdom.

For more details, contact:

Rachel Thomas
662.328.7888  |

Jeremy Bandre