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  • Children’s Promise Act

    Tax Deductions are good, but Tax CREDITS are GREAT!

    Children’s Promise Act allows businesses a dollar for dollar TAX CREDIT for donations to a qualified charity.

    Through this act, you can give to Columbus Christian Academy.

    How Your Business Can Support Christian Education

    Download and submit the MSDOR application for tax allocation

    Give a donation to Columbus Christian Academy

    Send your gift receipt to the MS Dept of Revenue with your MS Tax Return.

    Why Support Christian Education

    As Christian business leaders, you know the incredible importance of equipping the next generation to be excellent in their chosen profession and strong in their faith.

    Christian education is unique in its mission to partner with Christian families for an education that equips students for the world, while also training students to know and defend the truth of Scripture.

    The next generation of employees, business owners, and community leaders will face great challenges. Join Christian educators to equip students with knowledge and wisdom.

    For More Information Contact:

    Rachel Thomas


    Jeremy Bandre