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    School is generally thought of as the place where parents send their children to learn the core subjects of English, Math, History, and Science. The church is the place thought of as the institution responsible for discipleship. At CCA, these institutions are not separate, they are a partnership.

    As with other accredited schools, we seek to hire candidates with top-notch degrees and experience to progress the mission of the school. At CCA, it is how we educate students that make us unique. Our vision is to help students discover and develop their unique God-given purpose and equip them with the knowledge and experiences to pursue that purpose.

    If you would like to be part of a team like this, we would love for you to submit your application using the documents in the links below.

    CCA Academic Application

    CCA Substitute Application

    Openings 2022-2023

    Elementary (Prek - 6th)Secondary (7th-12th)
    Kindergarten Consumer Math
    4th Grade7th/8th History
    Bible (Middle School or High School)